What You Should Know About Valentine’s Day

This day has always been celebrated across the world. This day is also known as the saint of Valentine’s day. The day is celebrated on 14th of February every year. This day is meant to celebrate love and affection among the parties that love each other.

During this day, people tend to share romantic moments, exchanging flowers, going out for a date and even attending church services together. Lets look into some quick facts about Valentine’s Day.

(a) It started with the imprisonment of saint valentine on the account that she was ministering about Christianity to Christians persecuted by the Roman empire. During this period, she restored sight to the daughter of one christian who was in jail. People related this to the act of love and later Valentine wrote a letter to the jailer signed the Valentine.

(b) Valentine also carried out a traditional wedding to the christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

(c) Pope Gelsius established this day in the honour of saint valentine of Rome. He set the 14th day of the year in correspondence to the date when Saint Valentine died. The 14th day got associated with romantic love that was later associated to the lovebirds.

(d) It began in England in the 18th century where couples exchanged flowers on this day and sending greeting cards as a sign of expressing their love for each other.

(e) Symbols that are used during this day are a Dove, heart-shaped outline and the shape of a winged cupid.

Symbols of Valentine’s Day

(f) Since the 19th Century writing of valentine messages have paved way for Valentine Cards which the loved ones dispatch in memory and honour of their love and affection.

(g) In Italy, Saint Valentine’s keys are offered to lovers as a sign of Romance and the giver demands that the one given the key should come and open the giver’s heart. It was also offered to children to wipe out epilepsy.

Valentine’s days is not an official public holiday but its celebrated almost everywhere in world and people in other parts celebrate this day on 6th in honour of Roman presbyter Saint Valentine in Eastern Orthodox Church.

The following pictures show how Kenyans are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Courtesy of Valentine’s Day Models
Valentine Gifts


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