Wilson Sossion And His Associates Form New Union as They Solicit Teachers To Join

Ex-secretary general for KNUT is believed to be the mastermind of the new teachers union and he is still sponsoring it at the background. But on the limelight the generals has distanced himself saying that after he resigned from the commission, he has no interest in teaching fraternity.

“Teachers are rebelling. Splinters are formed to fill vacuums. I left knut and I shouldn’t be associated with activities within the teaching service,” he said.

The Union formed ( National Education union)  comes after the mass exodus of members from the union that was once a giant, knut.

This new union also comes after the new leadership in knut signed a non-monetary collective Bargaining agreement with the teachers services commission.

Rumor has it the the knut will now comprise of the primary teachers alone while the Kenya union of post primary education teachers will comprise the high school teachers. The rumour still have it that the school principals and head teachers will not be members of the unions.

Teachers unions are now ready to table their agreed copy of the cba to the labor and relations court.

The splinter union Kenya National Union of School Administrators ( KNUSA) is planning to recruit primary, pre-primary, secondary and tertiary institution including those from private schools.

The union is in the process of being registered as they have already drafted a 46 pages constitution.

The new union has been necessitated by the inability of the existing union to articulate the teachers union issues and rights with teachers service commission.

The knut has been having wrangles with the tsc over time in the leadership of Sossion who resigned in June and replaced by Mr. Collins Oyuu.

The commission threatened the union that it will cancel its mandate to negotiate on behalf of teachers.

As per the non-monetary cba signed by the knut, teachers will not receive any salary increase in the next five years following the SRC freeze of civil servants salaries.

Classroom teachers have also been pushing to form their own unions but with no avail. This happens to be among other three unions that needs to be registered by the end of October this year.

This has place the integrity of teachers unions on the spot for not working and representing teachers’ grievances with the relevant authorities.

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