Woooii! Why Kenya! This is perhaps the worst scam under President Kenyatta‘s watch

When the leased medical device scam first became public in 2014, health ministry officials denied any knowledge of the scam.

The import of medical equipment on lease into Kenya that included sophisticated radiology CT scans and X-ray machines could easily be described as Kenya’s worst financial scandal under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ten-year term.

The items were imported into the country in a process shrouded in mystery and handed over to the health ministry.

When the scam first became public in 2014, health ministry officials denied knowledge of the scam. There were allegations that relatives of a prominent Kenyan political family had brokered the deal, they created sh.10 billion wind.

Experts have described the equipment as “obsolete, over-inflated and overpriced”.

The equipment was later deployed to county hospitals but was disabled due to a lack of technicians. But the country continues to pay suppliers millions every month for waste equipment, largely lying idle, raising a red flag for multi-party donors.

Experts have described the equipment as “obsolete, over-inflated and overpriced”, adding that the money currently being sent each month to a Chinese equipment supplier could easily build and equip new hospitals.

Surprisingly, President Uhuru Kenyatta did not address the issue in his 8th address to the nation in parliament a week ago. The President spoke extensively about the challenges posed by COVID 19 and HIV/AIDS.

Yet questions remain with multilateral donors about whether Nairobi should stop the “public waste” of scarce resources. He pointed to the rising public debt wage bill already exceeding the acceptable GDP-debt international threshold ratio.

With one of Africa’s most expensive elections in 2022, donors are warning that Kenya could be entering the “Red Zone”! The country could have been declared bankrupt in 2010 like Greece had to be rescued by multi-lateral lenders through the “Marshall Plan”. They want President Kenyatta to cancel the medical equipment lease agreement before leaving office in 2022 to save the country’s scarce resources.

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